Brooks Running Shoes

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Running is all we think about. All of our Brooks running shoes are designed and built with smart technologies to give you the right fit and function on every run.

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Experience effortless movement and absolute support on your run with Brooks shoes.

Brooks running shoes, available for menwomen and youth athletes, deliver a smooth run and flexible feel, mile after mile. Expect a construction that is lightweight and abrasion-resistant, so your footwear goes the distance with you.

Customize your run with a shoe that is geared for your gait and running style. Select Brooks® shoes designed for runners with wide, regular or narrow shaped-feet for a contoured fit, and shoes with superior cushioning or a lightweight build for minimal interference between the runner and pavement.

Consider the movement of your foot while on the run. Runners seeking to counterbalance an inward or outward roll of the arch need shoes that provide support for their foot type.

  • Neutral shoes preserve your natural gait with an increased level of shock absorption along your course. Think about neutral footwear such as Brook’s PureProject shoes
  • Stability shoes are optimal for runners who experience a moderate inward roll of the foot. These shoes offer added midsole cushioning and support that curb the arch’s tendency to collapse. Consider the entire collection of Brooks Pure shoes for lightweight shoes that supports your run
  • Motion control shoes provide maximum stability designed to prevent an exaggerated inward roll of the foot. Look to the Beast or the Ariel running shoe for a balanced blend of support and flexibility

Maximize your run with Brooks shoes that are in sync with your gait and your course.

  • Road running shoes are light, flexible and designed for paved or packed surfaces. Look for footwear that will provide cushioning and support during repetitive motions of the foot
  • Trail running shoes are designed for off-road runners who need additional support and traction. Select-abrasion resistant materials that will stand up to any terrain or environment

Moisture-managing mesh paneling in your Brooks running shoe liner keeps you fresh-feeling and dry as you log miles. Flex grooves along the shoe’s outsole enhances flexibility for effortless movement.

Brooks groundbreaking DNA cushion technology provides runners with environmentally friendly impact protection that adjusts to your pace and stride.