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Dynamic Bike Fitting

BIKE FITTING – Bradenton, FL

Using the GURU Fit System combined with experience and bike knowledge, an Endurance House Bike Fitting will provide the opportunity for a dynamic fit that supports the rider throughout their riding season.

  • 30-45 minute consultation and Bike Size Assessment
  • 1-1.5 hour initial bike fit including additional consultation, evaluation and adjustment to your bicycle
  • 2 x 30 min fitting adjustments
guru bike fitting

What’s Included:



Each bike fit begins with a detailed verbal consultation to help our fitter understand the unique riding history, current riding style, cycling goals, current and past injuries and treatments as well as basic body proportions like inseam length and shoulder to floor measurement.


Utilizing our in house fit bike our fitter will evaluate the viability of your current bicycle to be fit properly. By understanding the geometry of your existing bicycle our fitter will have more information to help explain potential factors contributing to discomfort, reduced performance or injury.


The fitter will evaluate the range of motion and relative flexibility of the athlete including hamstring, low back and hip flexor.


After completing the bike size assessment and athlete evaluation, the fitter conducts an additional consultation to describe the observations and findings from the bike size assessment. The fitter will review what changes will likely need to be made to the fit of the existing bicycle.


Each fit session begins with evaluating the cleat pedal interface, then moves to saddle height and position and finally brings the cockpit of the bicycle to a comfortable and correct riding position. The measurements are documented and used to adjust the athlete’s actual bicycle. Utilizing the fit bike adjustments, opportunities for comparison and feedback can be executed quickly and with repetition. Video is constantly being taken so the athlete can see themselves in the various positions without having to look at themself in the mirror (sacrificing position). This allows the athlete to be educated and understand the difference small changes can make and communicate with the fitter every step of the way.


Once the time has been spent on the fit bike the fine tuning adjustments to the athlete’s bicycle can be made with confidence. The final touches are made to accommodate the specific saddle and cockpit configuration of the bike. By spending the majority of the “adjustment” period on the fit bike wear and tear on the bicycle and wasted time is kept to a minimum.


As part of the Endurance House Annual Bike Fit Membership we encourage you to take advantage of your follow up appointments as you progress through your season. Your goals, fitness level, and riding preferences are dynamic and will likely change throughout the season. We believe that your fit should too and we will be there to help ensure your are consistently in an optimal fit position